The aims and objectives of the organization shall be as follows


  1. To enlighten the general public on good governance and Security of lives and properties in Africa.
  2. To empower the less privileged and humanity globally by providing all necessary assistance in the area of skill acquisitions and developments.
  3. To mobilize support towards the general improvement of lives of the populace through agriculture development, small scale business etc.
  4. To ensure full and effective primary health care into the grassroots in line with Millennium Development Goal (MDG).
  5. To synergize with government and other development partners in the development of our communities and environment.
  6. To organize lectures, seminars, workshop and conferences etc.
  7. To equip the general Public with life - lifting knowledge and  technical know-how.
  8. To fend for the welfare of members and volunteers of the organization.
  9. To facilitate Construction of needful infrastructure and resource centers for citizen's benefits etc.
  10. To create awareness among the youth of a virile democratic culture.
  11. To Contribute to the development and general improvement of social infrastructure in urban and rural areas of Africa.
  12. To Protect the interest of members and to assist them in time of needs.
  13. To render assistance to those in difficult circumstances e.g Widows, youths, Orphans, disabled persons, refugees, poorest of the poor and displaced persons.
  14. To Promote, seek to promote access to information to the people at all locations even in the hinter lands
  15. Educate the people on the better ways and means of processing and managing the information received.
  16. To cooperate with any organization or bodies whose aims and objectives are identical or complementary to this Organization.
  17. To industrialize Africa.