Africa, a continent endowed with enormous, rich human and natural resources has been ravaged by disease, hunger, conflict, war, illiteracy, poverty and very recently youth restiveness and hostage taking. Development indices for Africa have continued to plummet and the devastated economy indicates little readiness for facing the challenges of the 21st century. Many structural adjustment programmes  Millennium Development Goal have come and gone, still leaving behind their impoverished victims.


Most development programmes for Africa have been extrinsic in structure, and have registered little success in meeting intrinsic needs of the people for whom they were designed


This has called for a closer look at needs assessment and programme design for the typical African Community, and developing an initiative that is inclusively indigenous, participatory, grassroots-oriented and sustainable.


African Grassroot Empowerment Organization (AFRIGEO) is a non-governmental organization founded and registered in Nigeria in February 2012. Since inception, AFRIGEO has been implementing empowerment  and community development programmes in the Nigeria and outside Nigeria, with particular reference to the 36 State in Nigeria, AFRIGEO places a premium on working with community institutions, building their capacity to function effectively and also promoting democratic values and principles in the management of community affairs and bringing investors into the Agriculture Sector.