Welcome to African Grassroot Empowerment Organization

African Grassroot Empowerment Organization (AFRIGEO) is a non-governmental organization founded and registered in Nigeria in February 2012. Since inception, AFRIGEO has been implementing empowerment  and community development programmes in the Nigeria and outside Nigeria, with particular reference to the 36 State in Nigeria, AFRIGEO places a premium on working with community institutions, building their capacity to function effectively and also promoting democratic values and principles in the management of community affairs and bringing investors into the Agriculture Sector.


Youth Empowerment

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Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people within and outside their community. AFRIGEO Youth empowerment is a gateway to intergenerational equity, civic engagement and democracy building. We have empower many youths in different  LGAs of the Nation.

Partnership with AFRIGEO

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Partnering with us gives us access to different parts of Africa, expertise in international learning and cultural and community programmes, in other to build trust and opportunity within the African Nations that needs our help. Our goals are ambitious; we will only achieve them in partnership. we understand the corporate social responsibility which is part of our aims and objectives. Afrigeo Welcomes every partner from the Diaspora.